Traktsia JSC is a railway company with many years of experience and tradition in the manufacture, repair and modernization of many types of wagons – open wagons, flat wagons, special wagons, tank wagons, covered wagons etc., which fully cover all European requirements and normative documents. The company’s production facility is located in the heart of the village of Ludogorie – Samuil, Razgrad district, and contributes to the development of the region by

employing more than 250 skilled workers. The company has an area of 160,000 m², of which 26,000 m² are production facilities and administrative buildings. The name “Traktsia” dates back to 1999, when the company was privatized and continued as a public limited company.

Thanks to the high level of competence and quality of the services offered, Traktsia Plc.’s long-standing customers include renowned international companies such as VTG, GATX, On Rail, ERMEWA, ERR, Loko Trans, LUCOIL, Bulgarian State Railways, DB Shenker and many others.


In its more than 45-years history Traktsia has specialized in two main areas: the manufacture of freight wagons and the implementation of planned freight wagon repairs as well as various types of modernization. All products manufactured by Traktsia Plc. are certified according to compulsory European standards and normative documents, including TSI “Rolling Stock – Freight Wagons” and TSI “Rolling Stock – Noise”



The main units of the underframe are manufactured in two separate workshops equipped with the necessary technological equipment, such as: welding jigs, welding head manipulators ensuring the high quality of the welding process, automated sub-flux welding portal, inert gas welding equipment, hoists, equipment for monitoring and measurement of products, as well as the required storage space.

Special welding jigs ensure compliance with the geometrical dimensions and the correct positioning of the individual units and parts during the final assembly of the underframes. Verification of the geometrical dimensions of the underframes is carried out on a test bench capable of measuring all the dimensions specified in the quality standards for this type of manufacture.

The paint is applied and baked in two special paint booths, which are equipped with mobile platforms for the movement of the workers during the painting process. In order to ensure the high-quality execution of the activities, modern airless spraying machines are used, which allow the use of painting systems of all kinds. The thickness of the applied paint layer is controlled by ultrasonic layer thickness measuring device.


Wagon repair is carried out in two main production departments.

In the first department, the repairs of underframes and wagon bodies are carried out. Each of the 12 separate workstations is equipped with the necessary equipment for welding in inert gas environment, with equipment for autogenous flame cutting, with mechanical and electrical tools and more. The department also has a hydraulic device installed to achieve the exact geometry of the wagon body.

In the second department, the running gear of the wagon is repaired. There are two areas each for bogie repair and wheelset repair.

The bogie repair area has 6 workstations for checking and replacing the damaged parts of the bogie frame and brake lever system, the bogie frame sizing station and leaf spring and coil spring test bench. After completing the repair of the bogies and the wheelsets, it goes to painting.

The area for the repair of wheelsets is equipped with a technological line for the dismantling of bearings and axle boxes and their cleaning in special machines. The cleaned axle boxes and bearings are classified and prepared for installation with the old paint removed. With the help of

induction heaters, the inner bearing sleeves and the labyrinth rings are removed. The cleaned wheelsets undergo a non-destructive ultrasonic and magnetic material defect test performed by specialists with all the necessary international certificates for this type of activity. The machining of the rolling surface on the wheel flange is carried out on two special CNC-controlled lathes. Traktsia Plc. also carries out an activity in which the damaged wheels are replaced by new ones. This department is equipped with 2 hydraulic presses for assembly and disassembly of wheels, which have computer-aided data storage, as well as 3 universal lathes for the machining of axles. This activity is carried out under a technology approved by BDZ or VPI.

The repair and the testing of the components of the brake system takes place in a special area. It is equipped with all necessary test benches for testing of all main components of the automatic air brake. Equipped is also a department for the repair and diagnostics of the brake valves type KE1 and KE2.

At the end of the work process, the wagon is marked and delivered to the customer.


Cutting area. It is equipped with guillotine shears, trimming press, seam shear, three portal machines for plasma cutting and CNC-controlled cutting for components with complex shapes and large thicknesses.

Department of mechanical processing. It is equipped with modern metalworking machines with CNC control as well as with universal machine tools. Modern tools and technologies, the quality of the materials used, as well as highly skilled workers guarantee the productivity and quality of the finished parts.

Forging and pressing department. It has worm extruders and eccentric presses, as well as pneumatic hammers, which ensure high productivity and quality of the finished parts.


In order to maintain the high level of qualification of the welders and to train new employees in the company, a professional welding training center has been established, which has been certified by all required institutions. In the training center, the skills of the welding personnel are regularly checked.

The good execution of the welding processes is the main factor for the quality of the entire production process. For this reason, a welding process management system has been set up in Traktsia Plc. in accordance with the requirements of EN 15085-2: 2008, which has been certified

by TÜV Rheinland. To monitor quality, Traktsia Plc. has modern equipment. The company’s BDS EN ISO 9712 certified experts, who perform the required tests – Nondestructive Ultrasonic and Magnetic Material Inspection, Capillary and Visual Inspection – monitor and document all steps in the production process.

Traktsia Plc. has its own gas station, a compressor system, a water tower and a wood workshop. These additional units shorten the time for the wagon repair and increase the quality of the services offered.


To ensure that the customer’s requirements are met with high quality, a quality management system – BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015 was introduced in Traktsia Plc. The entire production process is monitored by experienced auditors, who strictly monitor whether the requirements of constructive and technological documentation, as well as the customer specifications are carried out correctly.

The quality of the production, the always correct relationship to the business partners, coupled with the long-standing experience and traditions, allow the Traktsia Plc. to have the flawless reputation of the company and the gained positions in the Bulgarian and international market.

By using the latest versions of leading CAD / CAM systems, current tasks can be solved. “Traktsia” Plc. is VPI certified for the high quality repairing of freight wagons – a system of requirements for the proper performance of freight wagon repairs that every respected company

should fulfill in order to retain existing customers and attract new customers. The Traktsia Plc. team has a certified staff member responsible for the maintenance of freight wagons in accordance with Directive 2004/49/EC and Regulation (EU) No 445/2011.


1А, str. Dimitar Blagoev, 7454 v. Samuil, Razgrad area, Bulgaria

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