The wagon is designed for transportation of bulky, packaged and other goods, non – requiring a protection from the atmospheric influences.

It meets the requirements of UIC and RIV.

The case of the wagon is constructed of two immovable side walls and two immovable front walls.

The floor of the wagon is made of metal or of pine wood.

The construction of the wagon ensures a mechanized loading and unloading using hoisting and hauling devices and a side tippler.

The wagon is equipped with an automatic brake of type KE-GP and a wedging brake.

Technical data
Overall dimensions UIC 505-3
Rail – gauge 1435 mm
Bogie Y 25 Cs
Number of axles 4
Maximum loading capacity 60 t
Axle loading 20 t
Tare weight 20 t
Maximum speed
     •  empty 120 km/h
     •  loaded 100 km/h
Wagon base 9 000 mm
Wagon length with buffers 14 040 mm
Usable length 12 710 mm
Usable width 2 780 mm
Usable area 36 m2
Usable volume 72 m3