Traktsia JSC is private joint – stock company with basic activity production, repair and modernization of freight wagons. Traktsia is successor of Vagonoremonten zavod  Samuil,  founded at 1972.

         Traktsia combine great experience and tradition in repair according European standards and requirements. Based on many years experience and hi quality level of production and services Traktsia formed long standing partnership with companies like VTG, GATX, ERMEWA, ERR, Loko Trans, Lukoil, BDZ, Holsim, DB Schenker and etc.

         Production activity of Traktsia is divide to two basic lines:

         First of them is freight wagons building.

         Company is acquire building of open freight wagons and platform wagons, according all European standards and norms, including TSI and TSI noise.

         Building of main meeting of wagon’s frame performed in 2 independent departments. For this work is developed needed technological equipment, including conductors for each independent knot, welding manipulators for high quality of welding process, self-acting under flux welding portal (Submerged arc welding), welding machines working in protective gases environment, lift devices, equipment for observing and  measurement of products and necessary depot areas.

         Final assemble of frames is performed on specialized conductors which guaranteed observing of geometrical dimensions and correct location of independent parts and details. After assembling frames are placed on manipulator for finally complete of welding processes.

         Geometrical dimensions checking is performed on stand for this, which one is designed to ensure measurement of all dimensions specified in standards for qualifying of this type of production.  Qualified chassis is assembling with necessary elements and parts depends of type of wagon in production on independent areas.

         Next stage in production process is prepared to painting. Preparation process accomplish in special designed camera working with pellets. Lay – on of paint and baking is complete in two specialized cameras, equipped with movable platforms for easy operation of workers. About high – grade performance of these activities Traktsia uses contemporary machines for airless painting giving opportunity for use all types of painting systems. Thickness control of paint layer is performed with supersonic calipers.

         Second line is performing of planned and unscheduled type of repair for freight wagons and different type of modernizations. This activity is made in two basic workshops.

         In first one is performed frame repair and crate. There are 12 work positions, equipped with needed machines, working in protective gases environment, gas – flamed cutting, mechanical and electrical tools etc. In workshop installed hydraulic stand for proper geometry of wagon’s

         In second one moving parts repair with 2 units

  • Bogie repair. This unit is equipped with 6 work positions for checking and replacement of unfit parts of bogie frame and brake-lever system, measurement stand for bogie frame, installations for springs and helical spring checking. After bogie repair is done – bogie is painted and baked in combined painting chamber.


  •  Wheel-sets repair. In this section is mounted robotized complex and technological line for disassemble of bearing and axle boxes follow – up washing in special – designed machines. When cleaned axle boxes and bearings ready, check performed, finally cleaned and ready for mounting.

         Firs of all wheel-sets clean – up from old paint. Then internal bearing bushes dismounted using induction heaters. Cleaned wheel-sets passing through supersonic and magnetic particle inspection, performed by specialists own all needed certificates for that. Rolling surface polishing is performed on 2 specialized lathe machines with CNC management. Traktsia JSC is also make activity to change useless wagon wheels with new wheels. This department is fit out with two hydraulic press for dismounting and mounting of wheels – working with computer recording devices. There are 3 all – purpose lathes to polish wagon axles.  This work is performed according approved from BDZ technology.

         After final inspection and polishing is made new paint coverage in paint chamber.

         Mounting of labyrinth rings and bearing plugs is performing in separate room uses induction heaters. There are all needed appliances and tools for this work.

         Repair and test of brake system is performing in another department. There are all stands to test basic components of automatic train brake system. Also exist department for repair and test of air distributors type KE1 and KE2.

         In the end of process is set new signs and inscriptions. Now wagon is ready for the customer.

         Manufacture of needed details and elements is performing in 3 workshops.

  •  Cutting – there are folding machine, presses and scissors. Also there are 3 portal machines for plasma cutting with CNC management for complex shapes details and very high thickness.


  •  Mechanical department have present day machines and technology, and high – trained workers and specialists for best results and high quality of production.


  •  Press department – there are helical and cam presses, pneumatic hammers for high efficiency property of produced details.

         According high customer requirements related production Traktsia is developed System for control management ISO 9001:2008. Whole production process is controlled by experienced specialists, which follow strictly according documentation requirements, technology and instructions from customers. Using newest versions of leading CAD/CAM systems Traktsia resolve all tasks.

         Good achievement welding processes is main factor to do well whole production process. For this reason in Traktsia is established system for welding processes management according EN 15085-2:2008. This system is certified by German company TUV Rheinland. Developed documents for production process management and approved welding works guaranteed in every stage of production process suitability of used basic and additional resources and quality of welded elements.

         For properly leading of repair work about freight is introduce and certified VPI – system of requirements to correct repair of freight wagons, which requirements is important for every celebrated factory who intend to keep customers and attract new.

         Traktsia have private Oxygen station, acetylene station, gas station, compressor department, water pressure tower and wood-working workshop. These auxiliary sections shorten time repair and improve quality of services.

         About supporting high level of welding skill at welding specialists and teach new people in company is created professional welding educational centre, certified by all institutions needed. In the centre periodically has tested skills of welding specialists.

         Production quality, polite approach to business partners together with long years of experience and tradition allow Traktsia to keep present positions to Bulgarian and foreign market, also attract new companies, looking for high – trade performance of it’s own requirements offer by Traktsia.